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VRCC Newsletters

Our quarterly VRCC newsletters provide up-to-date information and news about the hospital, including staff and specialty department highlights and upcoming events. Designed and written by your VRCC Team.

Spring 2022 Newsletter

This issue highlights our dentistry partner, Apex Dog & Cat Dentistry, and introduces our new Dermatology Intern doctor, as well as announces the return of our Spring DVM CE.

In lieu of a case study in this edition, we have a letter to share with you that includes a few practice pearls from Dr. Tanja Nuhsbaum with VRCC Ophthalmology.

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Winter 2021 Newsletter

This issue highlights VRCC Internal Medicine, Emergency, and Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology, as well as features one of our newest Emergency doctor.

Our case study is presented by Dr. Stephen Lane with Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology, discussing intracranial neoplasia in a cat.

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Fall 2021 Newsletter

This issue highlights our Oncology department, and one of our amazing veterinary technicians with the VRCC Cardiology Team. 

Our case case study, written by one of our technician Supervisors with VRCC Oncology, is about Teagan, a dog with a pituitary carcinoma. 

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Summer 2021 Newsletter

This issue highlights our Cardiology, and Surgery & Orthopedics teams, and features two of our client care coordinators for our Internal Medicine team.  

Our case study is presented by, Dr. Derek Hanes with our Cardiology department. He discusses Sick Sinus Syndrome in a dog named Sassafrass.  

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Spring 2021 Newsletter

This issue introduces one of our client care coordinators for the Oncology & Radiation Therapy team, and provides an explanation from our Dermatology team on how they are here to support you.

Our case study about “Nirvana” is written by Dr. Chad Devitt with the VRCC Surgery & Orthopedics team.

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VRCC Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital in Englewood is always accepting new patients! Our board-certified specialists and emergency veterinarians are passionate about restoring good health to Denver Metro area pets.

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