Thanksgiving is truly a wonderful holiday.  Time set aside for family, friends and remembering all there is to be thankful for.  Because really, no matter the circumstances, we can choose to find things for which we can be thankful.

Our pets usually rank on the “thankful for” list.  The funny noises, kisses, friendly swats, companionship and warmth make them wonderful additions to the family.

As you prepare for your family dinner, no matter the size of your gathering, remember to keep your “Lucky” dog or cat safe with the food choices offered.  Cats and dogs don’t usually do well with a lot of diet changes, especially if the food contains a lot of grease, fat, bones or skin.  So while your turkey tastes delectable you should only share a small portion of cooked meat and vegetables with your furry family members.

Another caution is to keep your pets out of the kitchen during prep time.  It is easy for pets to get under foot when they smell all the deliciousness being created in your kitchen, but that can be dangerous for you and/or your pet.  A recent patient found that out firsthand when the hot drippings from a roasted turkey got spilled on his back.  The 3rd degree burns healed and he is doing great, but Mom and dog learned to do things different the next time.

All the activity can be the way an otherwise indoor animal manages to escape outside when the door is open and closed to welcome visitors.  It’s best to contain your pets to a room with a closed door or place them in a kennel until the activity level has died down a bit to keep them safe.

Warm wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving from Central Veterinary Emergency Services at VRCC Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital.