Did you know?
There could be danger lurking in your backyard. According to the calendar it is spring here in the Rocky Mountain West with summer right around the corner. Spring and summer months usually equate with landscaping projects – like getting your grass to grow in a contained space. There are many options for trying to contain those pesky blades. The danger lies with choosing metal lawn edging that sits flush, or slightly higher than your lawn.

Let me tell you why!
If your dog loves to race around your backyard and chase after the ball, no matter where it lands, there is a very good likelihood that the metal lawn edging is a blade waiting in hiding to slice at your dogs paw or leg. Veterinary Pet Insurance consistently reports that lacerations are the number one type of injury requiring a vet visit and subsequent claim submission. The seriousness of injury from metal lawn edging ranges from a minor cut needing some cleaning and a couple stitches, all the way to a slash through multiple layers of skin, tissue and tendon with a long healing process or even permanent damage and loss of mobility.

CVES strongly recommends removing the metal lawn edging from your yard and finding a more pet friendly alternative. Home stores market a plastic cap that can be pushed onto the top edge, which for a time does decrease the risk, but the plastic is fragile after freezing and heating or being hit by the weed wacker a few times. The broken edges of the plastic cap can be just as dangerous.

Here are a couple lawn edging alternatives found in a quick website search:

The moral of the story…get the blade out of the grass.