Scarlet in VailMeet the spectacular Scarlet, VRCC Oncology’s July 2015 patient of the month. She is a 13 year old Siberian husky who first came to VRCC in December of 2011 with a history of elevated liver enzymes on blood work, and a liver mass noted on abdominal ultrasound. After meeting with the Oncologist, surgery was recommended to resect the tumor. Scarlet’s family scheduled the procedure right away after the New Year and everything went very well. Scarlet recovered from the anesthesia just fine, and was able to go home the day after surgery. Histopathology confirmed a diagnosis of well-differentiated hepatocellular adenocarcinoma of the left lateral liver lobe. Surgical margins were clear of disease, and there was no evidence of disease spread anywhere. This was fantastic news for Scarlet and her family! Aside from having a couple of bouts of pancreatitis, Scarlet continues to do wonderfully at home with no tumor recurrence or spread.

Scarlet’s family shares their story:

“Scarlet is a stunning red and white Siberian husky with one blue eye and one brown eye.  When she was just 9 months old her photograph was featured on the cover of a national calendar.  For nearly 13 years Scarlet’s face has been seen locally and nationally by thousands of people interested in and involved in the field of animal protection.  Her picture has appeared on the opening slide of countless lectures on various topics related to the importance of the investigation and prosecution of crimes against animals.

In December 2011, Scarlet was 9 ½ years old and she went for a routine check-up.  Her blood work showed some abnormalities with her liver. An ultrasound a few days later confirmed our worst fears – she had a tumor on her liver which was likely malignant.  We met with the VRCC Oncology team, and surgery was performed by the VRCC Surgery team during the first week of January 2012.

Scarlet made a remarkable recovery.  We are so thrilled that she is still thriving, happy and playful at her amazing age of 13.  She loves going for walks, playing in the snow, and sometimes just being a couch potato.  She currently shares our home with Glenda, a 15-year old calico cat and Maverick, a two-year old Siberian husky.  We are indebted to the VRCC Oncology team for their unbelievable skills and for the care and concern they shared with us during Scarlet’s journey. The surgery clearly saved her life, and she still has great quality of life.”