Your 24-Hour Veterinary Team

The Emergency Room is always open in our hospital. Nights, weekends, and holidays – we’re always here when you need us. Our clients and referring veterinarians choose VRCC Emergency Services because of our excellence in care, the depth of our medical knowledge and experience, the best technology available, and the kindness and hope offered by our staff.

Emergency and Critical Care

Pets, like people, can end up in life threatening situations. Our doctors and technicians provide compassionate, lifesaving care to your pet in an emergency. If your pet has suffered a serious injury or life-threatening event, stay calm, but try to get your pet to our hospital as soon as possible. Starting treatment right away may decrease recovery time or even save a life.

VRCC Emergency and Critical Care doctors practice alongside a variety of specialists. If your pet needs immediate surgery or a consultation with one of the VRCC specialists, consult with a specialist over the phone or even transfer your pet to a veterinarian specializing in the care your pet needs.

Emergency Examples:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Ingestion of a foreign object or substance
  • Bleeding
  • Pregnant animal with unsuccessful contractions lasting more than an hour
  • Serious cut or broken limb
  • Any injury or trauma to the eye
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizures
  • Inability to move legs or weakness in limbs
  • Unusual or erratic behavior