November 2013 - BuddyOur Patient of the Month for November 2013, is Buddy a 14 year-old neutered male orange tabby.  Buddy was referred to our VRCC Oncology department 2 years ago in 11/2011 for evaluation of a skin cancer progressing around the right eye.  A biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma.  The cancer had started above the right eye but was progressing around the outside edge of the eye by the time of the evaluation.  Dr. Ringen and Buddy’s owners discussed several treatment options including surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. They elected to proceed forward with an aggressive surgery approach, performed by our VRCC surgeons,  to remove the eye, surrounding bone and skin as this procedure offered the shortest treatment time, quickest recovery for Buddy and best chance of cure.  Buddy’s owner share that, “Buddy has been a great active cat from the time I first got him.  He was given to me as a gift from a friend of mine when she found him homeless on Santa Fe near her work.  He was probably around 2-years old in 2000.  Buddy enjoys being outside on the balcony especially during the summer time relaxing.  Despite being diagnosed with cancer and getting his treatment, his quality of life has not changed.   He is still active and very friendly with every one else.”  Buddy has been cancer free for 2 years and counting.  While he may be down one eye, his spirit remains completely intact and very strong!