April 2011 - SamSam is a wonderful black Lab adopted by his current family in September 2005, through Safe Harbor Lab Rescue.  At the time of adoption, Sam had a cast for a leg fracture but was in great health otherwise.  In December of 2007, at the approximate age of 7 years, Sam developed a change in his bark, with a complete loss of his bark by March of 2008.  Prompt evaluation by the family Veterinarian lead to the finding of a mass in the throat, on the larynx.   Sam presented to our Oncology department on March 19 2008.  The final diagnosis of lymphoma of the larynx was confirmed by surgical biopsy.   Staging tests confirmed that the lymphoma was isolated to the throat and that Sam was an excellent candidate for treatment.  Sam’s lymphoma went into remission very quickly and he sailed through a 6-month course of chemotherapy.  As Sam approaches his 11th birthday, he continues to enjoy an active life-style that includes camping and fly-fishing with his family.