The holidays are a joyous time, but also can present several hazards to your pets. Veterinarians at VRCC have named the top 5 tips to keep your pets out of the Emergency Room this holiday season!

  1. Chocolate!  Keep all chocolate out of reach of pets.  Dark chocolate is especially toxic to dogs and cats.
  2. Do not feed turkey bones and greasy leftovers!  The bones could get stuck in their throat or intestine and require surgical removal.  The greasy and fatty food could cause severe digestive upset and pancreatitis.  If you want to give a special treat, ask your family veterinarian what may be appropriate for your pet.
  3. Keep human medication out of reach!  When visitors come to your house, be sure to keep their purses and bags where pets cannot reach them.  Ingesting human medication is among the top emergencies this time of year.
  4. Some plants are toxic for pets.  Keep your pet away from lilies, holly, mistletoe and poinsettias.
  5. Be mindful of holiday decorations.  Cats who ingest tinsel may require emergency care.  Other pets have made emergency visits to VRCC after ingesting holiday bows, ribbons and holiday lights!