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25 01, 2011

Hit By A Car

It's scary when it happens.  Your pet darts into the road at the wrong time and gets tangled with an oncoming car.  But what do you do next?  How should the pet be handled? Should you take him directly to the vet?  What if he has an open wound? Or, what if he doesn't look [...]

29 11, 2010

My Pet Is Having A Seizure – What Do I Do?

It's been a busy holiday weekend for Central Veterinary Emergency Services.  When I asked one of the Technicians the most common condition among the cases her response was that we had seen all kinds of conditions without any common theme.  Then just an hour later we had three dogs come in for seizures all in [...]

5 07, 2010

Big Dog vs. Little Dog

There seems to be an epidemic of large egos in the dog world lately.  We've seen a lot of big dog vs. little dog staking territory conflicts.  Most of the time the big dog wins, but occasionally a particularly feisty little dog inflicts great damage to a larger canine. Several types of wounds can be [...]

24 05, 2010

Help, I have a Hot Spot!

In Emergency medicine we don't tend to see many acute dermatology cases.  Most skin issues can wait until the family veterinarian is available for treatment.  One exception is a nasty "hot spot".  Hots spots can worsen dramatically in a few short hours and it is in the animals best interest to start treatment as soon [...]

25 01, 2010

All Sewn Up

Animals eat the strangest things. I was perusing the patient board in the Critical Care Unit Sunday night and was surprised to read "FB needle". Fortunately I knew the code and realized that "Ozzy" had eaten a needle. What?!? I went to find "Ozzy" in his cage and found an adorable orange colored domestic short [...]

18 01, 2010

Wiley Coyote

We have the cutest Dachshund ever in our hospital. He has one brown eye and one blue and his tail has not stopped wagging since he arrived. He is wrapped up in bandages with a cute little penguin attached to the green wrap. Despite his wonderful personality it is plain to see that the poor [...]

20 07, 2009

Cat Air

Did you know? It seems my posts have been slanted towards "dog world" of late and the cat content has been sorely lacking. I don't want to leave the kitties out, it just seems like the dogs tend to get themselves in trouble more often and end up taking more trips to the emergency room. [...]

13 07, 2009

The Facts About Dog Bites

Did you know? A tough part of our job in an animal ER occurs when we learn that a person has been bitten by a dog either in a direct attack or when trying to break up a fight between two (or more) dogs. The latter is more often the case, and a recent incident [...]

15 06, 2009

The Case of the Swollen Face

Did you know? We had the cutest little miniature pinscher come into our hospital tonight with a swollen face. Poor thing was miserable and tried to hide his head as I brought him back to the Critical Care Unit of our hospital. Since there was no visible wound the first suspicion for this type of [...]

8 06, 2009

Coming to an ER Near You

Did you know? I thought I'd continue in a similar vein as last week in the Emergency Preparedness post, but this time move to thinking about having to bring your pet to the emergency room for care. I know, none of us want to think about the possibility of our beloved four legged animal having [...]

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