30 03, 2015

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – Milo’s Story

Milo is a seven-year-old feline with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Milo presented to our practice after already having been through quite the ordeal. What a tough little guy! Milo presented for limping, and had several x-rays taken at his primary veterinarian. At that time, the veterinarians treating Milo felt it might best serve him to have a [...]

30 07, 2013

Pacemakers and your pet – they’re not just for humans!

The first implantation of a pacemaker into a dog was performed in 1968.  Since then, the procedure has been performed on a growing number of patients every year. In the last two decades, VRCC has implanted more than a 100 pacemakers in dogs and cats! So, what is a pacemaker? It is a device about [...]

15 11, 2010

Coughing Kitty

Have you noticed a persistent cough from your favorite feline?  There are a few possible reasons for a cough.  They range from a respiratory infection or asthma to parasites or even a heart condition. If you've recently adopted your kitty from a shelter it's possible that he/she picked up an URI or Upper Respiratory Infection.  [...]

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