January 2011 - ZoeZoe is an 8-year-old, 14 lbs., spayed female terrier mix.  She was presented to our Oncology department at VRCC in May of 2009, with a biopsy confirmed diagnosis of an aggressive sweat gland tumor (anaplastic apocrine gland adenocarcinoma) of the skin of the right chest wall.   Zoe’s Family Veterinarian had surgically removed the tumor, but there was still a high risk of the cancer spreading to Zoe’s lungs and lymph nodes.   Zoe did very well with four treatments of the intravenous chemotherapy drug carboplatin,  followed by oral low dose chemotherapy.  Zoe continues to enjoy an excellent quality of life.   Her owner says, “The staff at VRCC has been wonderful in their treatment of Zoe.  I have been going to VRCC for over a year, and their Cancer Specialists have handled Zoe’s case with great skill and professionalism.   I am so grateful that Zoe is on the road to full recovery.  Thanks VRCC!”