Surgery and Orthopedic Support Staff

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Courtney is a 2008 graduate of Colorado Mountain College where she earned her AAS degree in Veterinary Technology and passed her board exams in June of the same year. She developed an interest in anesthesia and surgery which lead her to join VRCC Surgery and Orthopedics in April of 2013 after working in both a general and specialty practice. Courtney enjoys the fast paced environment and the fact that no two days are the same. In her spare time Courtney enjoys running, checking out the music scene, spending time with family and friends and exploring the great city of Denver.
Jessica is originally from Denver and attended college in Fort Collins. She graduated with an AAS degree in Veterinary Technology in the summer of 2010 and passed her certification board exams that December. She has previously worked in a small general practice and done a lot of volunteer work with a local cat rescue before getting married and moving to Castle Rock, CO.  She has a passion for fostering animals and has cared for and adopted out dozens of cats and kittens. She shares her home with her husband and their son, two spoiled rotten chihuahuas and an equally spoiled cat that she hand raised as an orphan from two days old.  Jessica enjoys the fast pace and challenge of the surgery world and loves the patient care she gets to provide here at VRCC.
Laurie is originally from a small town in Ohio. She traveled to Colorado after attending college and majored in Biology at Kent State University. She has been living here for the last 14 years. She decided to pursue a career in working with animals after moving to Denver. She worked her way up in the veterinary world and was a hospital manager at a veterinary hospital for 7 years. She joined VRCC Surgery and Orthopedics in May 2008. Laurie lives with her husband Patrick, their daughter, Peyton, and their 3 other furry kids, Drexel, that cat who has used 3 of his nine lives, Puck the Pug and Lemmy the Affenpinscher. When Laurie is not at VRCC, she enjoys biking, yoga, hiking, swimming, skiing, going to concerts, and relaxing with her family.