Ophthalmology Appointments

We schedule appointments several days to one week in advance. Emergencies will be seen immediately. Surgeries are performed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and are scheduled one to two weeks in advance. Please call 303-874-2070 to schedule an appointment with the VRCC Ophthalmology team.

We are located near the intersection of Santa Fe and Hampden at 3550 S Jason St., Englewood, CO 80110.

VRCC is a 24-hour facility with the following appointment hours for Ophthalmology:pet-03

  • Monday-Friday: 8:00am-3:00pm

Our hours are flexible. If you have a busy schedule we can accommodate you by admitting your pet for the day. Please note, there is an additional charge for this service.


If your pet needs to stay with us overnight, or for the weekend, we will be happy to show you the accommodations once your pet gets settled. During your pet’s stay, we provide fresh, comfortable bedding, along with food and water as medically appropriate. We monitor temperature and provide blankets or fans to keep your pet comfortable.

We recommend against leaving any personal belongings with your pet during their stay, as it is possible these items may get misplaced. If you wish to provide a specific diet for your pet during their stay, please bring it in a sealed, leak-proof container (no plastic baggies of any kind will be accepted), and make sure its contents are clearly labeled with: type of food, your pet’s name, and the date.

Patient Visiting Hours

We understand that pets are like family.  Being separated from your pet can be extremely difficult and visitation is encouraged whenever possible.

Please observe the following guidelines for visiting with your pet:

  1. Visiting hours are from 10am-12pm, 5pm-7pm, and 11pm-2am daily.
  2. We request that you call ahead and tell the technician taking care of your pet when they can expect you to arrive for a visit, so that we can make sure all necessary treatments scheduled for your pet can be done prior, as to not have your visit interrupted.
  3. We request that you limit your visit to 15 minutes – consideration will be given on a case by case basis to allow for extended visitation time.
  4. All necessary safety protocols must be followed in cases when your pet is being hospitalized in our isolation unit.
  5. In some situations, our Patient Care staff may request that you return to the lobby. We will reunite you with your pet as soon as possible.
  6. Although you will not be allowed to stay overnight with your pet, we welcome you to call and check-in with our Patient Care staff at any time to learn the status of your pet.
  7. For privacy purposes, patient status for pets other than your own cannot be shared.

We understand that emergencies happen. Our doctors are available for emergency exams and surgeries after-hours, holidays and weekends.

If you would like a tour of our hospital, please call 303-874-2070 to schedule a visit.


Prescriptions may be refilled by speaking with one of our staff members during normal business hours or simply leaving a message on our department voice mail at (303) 874-2070.

Prescription refills are available for pick up during regular business hours. Please call to have your pet’s prescription filled and ready for you. Prescriptions are filled Monday-Friday with a same day turnaround. Note prescription requests called in over the weekend will be available for pickup on the next business day.

We will mail your pet’s medications to you at your request. Medications are sent out using standard United States Postal Service mail. Priority Mail is available upon request.

Drs. Chapman and Cleymaet examine all patients on an annual basis (or more frequently) to refill prescriptions. If your pet is examined by your family veterinarian, they may be able to refill prescriptions for you.  It is our firm belief that a current doctor-patient-client relationship is important for the best care of our patients.  Please understand that patient welfare is our concern if we require an examination prior to refilling a prescription for your pet.