Emergency Service Details

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Every pet that enters the VRCC emergency room for treatment receives an examination by the attending veterinarian. The veterinarian will discuss your pet’s condition with you and will help you decide on the best treatment plan. If your pet is transferring from your family veterinarian an exam is still required to allow the veterinarian to become familiar with the current condition of your pet and the symptoms that need immediate attention.

Any pet who comes in through the emergency department will be charged a $145.00 emergency exam fee.

VRCC has a large range of laboratory capabilities. Diagnostic blood samples can be analyzed 24/7 using ANTECH diagnostic laboratory. ANTECH diagnostic labs provides a wide range of laboratory tests. Our doctors receive timely, accurate results that can be relied on for diagnoses and treatment of your pet’s condition. Electronic viewing of the laboratory test results is available to speed access of information for treatment decisions by the doctor.
Radiographs are often used as a diagnostic tool. Digital radiography decreases the stress to your animal by providing faster image capture and enhances diagnostic capabilities through the amplified detail and ability to manipulate the image. To enhance communication images can be e-mailed or copied to a CD for review by your family veterinarian.
Ultrasound provides a window to the internal organs of your pet and can be vital in an emergency situation. VRCC doctors have the capability to perform preliminary ultrasound imaging to diagnose fluid around the heart, assist in safely obtaining samples of urine, abdominal fluid, or thoracic fluid, or to look for masses.

*Please note that we do not perform outpatient ultrasounds. If your pet needs an ultrasound for a chronic condition, we recommend to schedule an appointment directly with the specialty department indicated (Internal Medicine or Oncology). If your family veterinarian is recommending your pet have an emergency ultrasound, please have them call us at 303-874-7387 to discuss the case. Note that all pets who come in for any type of emergency will incur a $110 examination fee.

Being in the hospital can be stressful! Our staff works hard to provide your pet with the utmost comfort during their stay with us. Fleece bedding, temperature control and noise reduction are a few of the ways we help make their stay as comfortable as possible. In addition, all cages and runs are equipped to handle the most advanced level of monitoring and treatment-just like you receive in the hospital. From the minor injury to advanced disease we have the skill, equipment and caring staff to treat it all.
Should your pet need to be anesthetized for treatment we will tailor the type and dosage of anesthesia agents based on many factors related to the patient and his/her current medical condition. During anesthesia your pet is constantly monitored to make sure they are safe and comfortable. Once the procedure is complete a technician is assigned specific care for your pet until he/she is awake.
Pain management is an important aspect of medical treatment to improve comfort and speed healing. Our veterinarians and technicians are continuously monitoring pain through physical exam and behavioral assessment throughout their stay in our hospital. We have a number of pain management treatments that can be modified to keep your pet comfortable.
Animals that present to our hospital with difficulty breathing are started on oxygen therapy to ease their discomfort. Oxygen can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on the size and condition of your pet. Similar to human oxygen delivery many pets are ultimately fitted with a nasal cannula to ensure comfort and effectiveness.
Sometimes the effects of a disease or injury can cause a pet to need a blood transfusion. We stock blood products in our hospital for just such occasions supplied by local reputable blood banks.
For your convenience, and to provide the best care in a timely manner, VRCC doctors have access to board-certified specialists representing eight specialties, all housed in the same facility. From a simple consultation to advanced diagnostics and surgery you and your pet have access to world class specialists should the situation demand.