2 01, 2015

Is Marijuana Okay for My Dog?

Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, there is even a greater chance that your dog (or cat) may have access to the green stuff.  Though pot is found to be medicinally and recreationally beneficial to humans, dogs and cats do not react to it the same way as we do. Edibles in particular are [...]

15 05, 2014

Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

It's just past Mother's Day which means it's the perfect time of year to plant your garden.  However, some hidden dangers exist in the garden that can be harmful to your dog.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when gardening this year. Lawn edging can cut the pads of paws and cause [...]

26 02, 2014

Avocados, Pennies, Potato Chips and Underwear – a recipe for disaster for your pet

Pets are just like children in more ways than one.  They are adorable, funny, sweet, loving, but also curious - and they love to stick things in their mouths.  This curious nature is, unsurprisingly, exactly where the old idiom “curiosity killed the cat” came from.  Combine that with a pet’s wandering nose and active mouth [...]

17 12, 2013

Muscle Relaxer Overdose and Toxicity – When pets ingest human medications

Human medications can cause a sever hazard to your pets, as one of our clients unfortunately experienced first-hand.  It is extremely important to remember to keep all medications out of reach of your pet’s curious noses and even more curious mouths.  The best place is in a high reaching cabinet so they are not out [...]

24 01, 2013

Top Winter Hazards for Pets

A warmer winter for Colorado?  We’ll see… You may not realize, but the cold and wet weather combined with common household items we use during the winter months, can be dangerous for pets. Here are our top 5 winter hazards for pets that you should know about to keep them safe, happy and healthy this [...]

5 12, 2011

Raisin Toxicity – Guess the number of raisins in a single cookie!

Grapes and Raisins are Toxic? Actually, yes. The idea has floated around the internet as an urban legend, but it really is true. The exact mechanism that causes the toxicity is still unknown, but consumption of grapes or raisins by your dog can cause renal (kidney) failure which can lead to death. How much is [...]

18 04, 2011

Marijuana Is NOT Safe for Pets

Dispensaries have popped up everywhere in Colorado since the legalization of medical marijuana.  As a result, our veterinary emergency service has also seen a marked increase in marijuana toxicity cases.  We see 2-3 cases of marijuana ingestion/toxicity per week compared to the 2-3 per month that used to be the norm for our hospital. There [...]

21 03, 2011

Garden Design with Your Pets In Mind

Today is the official first day of spring and I'm itching to get into my garden.  Of course, your dog or cat usually follows you into the garden and there is always that one favorite spot where they like to dig or curl up for a nap, usually right on top of your favorite flower.  [...]

28 02, 2011

Albuterol Toxicity : Why Inhalers Help You, but Harm Lucky

For many of the 22 million people in the United States with asthma a simple device known as an inhaler can offer almost immediate relief during an attack. Inhalers are composed of a small pressurized canister that contains a solution of asthma medicine fitted into a plastic actuator that releases a fixed dose of the [...]

10 01, 2011

Gorilla Glue: Apparently To Pets It’s Rather Tasty

Resting comfortably in his cage is a one year old boxer named Wiley who had an up close and personal experience with Gorilla Glue. Fortunately he didn't eat much, but what remained in his stomach had to be surgically removed.  He'll be feeling much better in a couple days. CVES sees about 3 to 4 [...]

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