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26 07, 2010

Pet Adoption? Yup, there’s an app for that.

I know the title of this blog says it's to help keep you pet healthy at home, but I thought this was such a great use of technology I just had to share. There are so many sweet, cute, funny, adoptable pets at local shelters in cities across America that need a home and this [...]

5 07, 2010

Big Dog vs. Little Dog

There seems to be an epidemic of large egos in the dog world lately.  We've seen a lot of big dog vs. little dog staking territory conflicts.  Most of the time the big dog wins, but occasionally a particularly feisty little dog inflicts great damage to a larger canine. Several types of wounds can be [...]

3 05, 2010

Be Kind to Animals Week

The American Humane Society has designated May 2 - 8, 2010 as "Be Kind to Animals Week".  Though this sentiment should be followed year round, it's great to take some time to focus on how we can take action.  So what can you do? 1.  Plan to add a pet to your family?  Consider adopting [...]

5 04, 2010

Is She in Pain?

Sometimes it would be so much easier if our pets could talk back.  Wouldn't it though?  The hardest question to get a clear answer on is whether "Lucky" is in pain.  There are some ways to get an idea, even if I can't get a clear answer when I ask "where does it hurt girl?" [...]

30 03, 2010

Signs of Illness

Have you ever looked at your pet and wondered if her behavior warrants a trip to the vet.  Below is a compilation of symptoms that could indicate a problem. Early Warning Signs of Illness: the Basics The following signs of illness can indicate potentially serious problems. If you notice any of these symptoms in your [...]

15 02, 2010

Where There’s Smoke…

Did you know? According to the US Fire Administration's website (, more than 1.7 million uncontrolled fires occur annually in the US. The Fire Administration does not keep tally, but other groups have estimated that more than 500,000 pets are killed by house fires each year. Why are we so good at saving human lives, [...]

7 12, 2009

What Should Santa Bring “Lucky”?

Even if our pets don't know the true meaning of the holidays, they do enjoy the attention and special presents that owners give them. Pet owners and those looking to give gifts to pets or owners could consider actual physical gifts, gifts that benefit other animals, or a gift that might benefit the pet in [...]

2 11, 2009

Consider Pet Insurance

Did you know? It's no secret that veterinary fees have increased significantly over the last ten years and will continue to do so to keep pace with the cost of doing business. Still, when you consider that the education, technology, medicines and protocols are all very similar in scope and cost to human medicine, then [...]

14 09, 2009

Home Remedies

Did you know? You may have called your veterinarian's office with a question about symptoms your pet is experiencing and been asked to bring your pet in for care. The honest truth is that it can be very difficult to provide good medical advice over the phone. There are so many variables that could be [...]

31 08, 2009

Kitty Kidneys

Did you know? As a cat matures (sorry kitties, it happens to the best of us) it is important to keep an eye on his or her kidney function. That seems like a rather obtuse statement so let me clarify. Unfortunately, older kitties are more prone to develop kidney disease. The clinical name you might [...]

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