cold_laser_catDr. Holly Foster practices acupuncture, homotoxicology, and osteopathy at VRCC on Wednesdays and she has now added cold laser therapy to her arsenal of healing powers.  Cold laser therapy (using a class 3-B laser) is another modality to address inflammation, both chronic and acute.  Also, for animals that are restless or frightened by traditional acupuncture needle treatments, acupuncture points can be stimulated more quickly and quietly by laser than by acupuncture needles.

Cold laser therapy is the application of a coherent light, meaning multiple light waves that all support or reinforce each other.  It provides a non-invasive way to treat many different conditions involving inflammation.  Some examples of these conditions include arthritis, degenerative joint disease, tendonitis, and gingivitis.  It has also been shown to be effective in speeding bone and cartilage regeneration and post-operative wound healing, and treating non-healing and chronic skin lesions.

Laser treatments take only a few minutes, and owners can stay with their pets during the treatments.  Cold laser therapy provides an excellent alternative or adjunctive treatment choice for animals unable to take anti-inflammatory drugs to help with their painful conditions.

ADDENDUM: Dr. Foster no longer sees patients at VRCC. (updated 7/23/18)