What People are Saying About Us!

“Julius was sick (lethargic and not eating) on Easter Sunday. I was overly concerned because he had just been boarded and had never been ill before. We were seen promptly by caring people. He didn’t have any helpful symptoms but the Dr. was able to diagnose a non specific tummy problem and treat that. The discharge information was very detailed but easy to understand. Julius recovered quickly, and I knew that his vet had the information if follow-up care or more a definitive diagnosis would have been necessary. Everyone was very nice and worked well with Julius and was obviously very familiar with dealing with dogs and their behaviors. Thank you to everyone for working on Easter!” Kristin from Denver

“Dr. Van Vechten (Surgery) not only called numerous times with results, updates and follow-up but took the time to ask another doctor to present an unbiased opinion of my dog’s condition. We have been in to VRCC when my other dog was diagnosed with cancer and a third dog with allergies. Would definitely recommend VRCC, as the care and experience has always been the best.” Paige from Aurora

“The doctor was very thorough and explained everything with great detail. She also seemed to care about me and Albus and I left feeling good with my choice to go here.” Courtney from Englewood

“I first saw Audra Fenimore (Internal Medicine) thinking my dog perhaps had a respiratory problem . She was kind and thoughtful in her diagnosis and finding that my dog had a problem that was better suited to cardiology was quick to refer me to another department. She has continued to stay abreast of the case and followed with several calls to stay informed. What an asset she is to VRCC.” Lee from Lakewood

“All staff from front desk to the doctor treated us with so much care and compassion. We are so glad we came to VRCC. Dr Martin (Cardiology) and staff saved our Sophie’s life. She feels better than she has in a long time. Couldn’t be more pleased. Always had time to answer our questions and we always felt like everyone really cared about Sophie and she meant more to them than them just doing their job.” Rebecca from Sedalia

“I was pleasantly surprised with VRCC’s level of professionalism and comforting bedside manner. Everyone on the staff that Memphis and I encountered made a less than ideal situation, as pleasant as possible. I’ve told all of my friends with pets to absolutely send their fur baby to VRCC for procedures. Thank you for granting me with peace of mind that my baby was being taken care of.” Chrystal from Aurora
“My dog had to have emergency surgery for an obstruction. (damn sock!) She was lethargic, dehydrated, and in so much pain when I brought her in. I was very upset and very very scared of losing my girl. You all saved her life! And absolutely everyone was amazing! From admittance all the way through to picking my sweet girl up, the support and care your staff gave was phenomenal. I can’t begin to say how much you mean to my family now. I
have told anyone who would listen just what an incredible experience we had and will absolutely visit your clinic again if/when needed.” Erin from Lakewood

“Our dog was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. We opted not to put him through the amputation and chemotherapy but worked with palliative care before euthanasia. Dr. Nancy (Radiation Oncology) was both informative and kind. There wasn’t pressure or judgment to make one decision or another.”  Joanne from Golden
“The technician, was so kind to me and my dog Calvin. She was able to make us both feel comfortable, this was probably the best vet visit we’ve ever had. Dr. Bachtel (Dermatology) was also amazing. They both spent a lot of time with us and listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions. I know Calvin liked them too, he licked them both in the face and he has never done that at a vet visit before! Even when I checked out the person was interested in my dog and looked up his breed on the internet and gave me some new information. I’m very grateful to everyone there. Thank you all so much!” Jennifer from Parker
“Dr. Lane (Neurology) and his staff are AWESOME. Our experiences at VRCC are without exception the best that they can possibly be especially considering that we are presenting with a dog that is not feeling well.” Heidi from Denver

“My cat was near death when he was seen at VRCC. He was taken to the back and started treatment with in three minutes of entering the building. As I waited for info on his condition, I saw people around me being treated with compassion for their pet, as well as, themselves. I was in tears… When the Dr. came out, everything was explained to me. It was not only what was going on with Tavi, but also my options of his care. The expenses were an issue to me, but I was given other alternatives. This was a very important step for me and was greatly appreciated. Tavi is now home and back to being his little, bratty self. I am so thankful to VRCC staff for this. My little cat is my family and it is such a joy to see him playing and being happy. Thank you from the bottom so my heart.” Audice from Englewood

“I was VERY concerned about Zuzu Baby when we came in. Dr. Graham (Ophthalmology) examined her eye and explained everything to us about what her problem appeared to be. Our regular vet was concerned that she may have glaucoma and/or possible need the eye removed and I was scared to death. Dr. Graham was so kind, compassionate and professional with us, as was your entire staff, making what started out as a truly scary ordeal, to an experience we will never forget. Thank you so much for taking care of Zuzu.” Julie from Denver

“I was really impressed with how Dr. Loyer (Cardiology) took the time to ask me questions, thoroughly review Spirit’s records and test results to get a full picture of her overall health issues not just her heart in order to come up with an accurate diagnosis and assessment of Spirit’s issues. Very pleased with the service received.” Cathy from Littleton
“The oncology staff is terrific! Dr. Elmslie (Oncology) never pressured or judged my decisions and informed me about everything she was doing. She was gentle and kind with Bailey and managed his fear biting in a very natural way. The care and attention that Bailey and I received far surpassed my expectations and made me feel that I made a good decision about Bailey’s care. The staff was fabulous and considerate and helpful. I am so glad that I brought Bailey to VRCC.” Laura from Parker

“We had a fabulous experience at VRCC. Everyone was very professional and truly took time to care for my dog and was very helpful with all of my questions. Dr. Devitt (Surgery) and his staff were fantastic, would refer to him again in a heartbeat.” Pamela from Steamboat Springs

“I was a little hesitant to bring Rocco in based on some Google reviews, but the clinic was recommended by my vet for emergency care and Rocco really needed to be seen. It is a little stressful not being able to wait with your pet, but I understand they are being treated and evaluated while we sit in the waiting area. Dr. Rump (Emergency) went over additional charges for services prior to performing them. I very much appreciate that. The reviews I read said that charges were racked up with no consultation with the owners, and that simply was not the case for me. Dr. Rump also followed up with my vet and me after the visit. That really stood out to me. What a great practice.” Lauren from Littleton

“The loss of our sweet puppy Albert is devastating. Dr. Timian (Internal Medicine) went above and beyond to constantly communicate with us. She also came into VRCC on her day off to review Albert’s ultrasound and be with us as we said goodbye to him. —- She has continued to check in on us and respond to our questions about finding our next furry family members. She is the most amazing vet we have ever encountered and we will be forever grateful that she was with us during this time.” Jae from Denver

“Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology is AMAZING! They absolutely saved my dog’s life after he was attacked by a pit-bull. I won’t take my animals anywhere else for sudden needs! RMVN made sure I had plenty of finance options for the very expensive weeks worth of treatments and overnight stays. My dog was temporarily paralyzed and very unresponsive and they did everything they could. My dog is running today and healthy as can be. When I brought him in for a check up about a month after his accident he was just starting to try and walk again with little luck. The minute the neurosurgeon, Dr. Steven Lane, came into the room my dog got right up and stumbled to him. RMVN, at VRCC, has quite an amazing staff!” John from Englewood