Surgery / Orthopedics - Your First Visit

What should I bring to the consultation?

The consultation will include a physical exam of your pet, so please be sure they accompany you. It is important to bring as much current information regarding your pet’s condition as possible. If available bring a copy of your pet’s medical records, current blood work, and radiographs. For your convenience, the paperwork you’ll need can be downloaded below. Please feel free to print it out and bring it completed to your appointment.

What should I expect during the consultation?

While scheduling the consultation, our surgical coordinator will gather all pertinent client and patient information from you. After checking in at the front desk, a technician will obtain a brief medical history of your pet and your pet’s vital signs. Next, a surgeon will examine your pet and discuss your pet’s condition and further diagnostic and therapeutic options that are available. An estimate for services will be provided for possible surgery, treatment or medical management.


Appointments – 303-874-2073

Reminders for your visit

Please arrive with your dog on a leash (must be less than 6 feet long) and/or your cat in a carrier.  This is for the safety of your pets, the other pets here, you  and our staff.  Many animals can become nervous and unpredictable when they are at the vet and may react in a way that they normally would not.  By keeping your furry family member on a leash or in a comfy carrier, it helps them feel more secure and not threatened by others or from being in a strange environment.
During the appointment you may think your pet is more comfortable when you help hold them for the doctor.  Unfortunately it is not in your pet’s  best interest to help hold your pet for an exam.  Pet’s can sometimes sense fear or nervousness from you and they might react negatively toward anyone restraining them, even for a simple exam.  Also, your pet might feel pain or discomfort during their physical examination, and it may cause they to nip, bite, scratch, jump, etc. when they normally would not behave that way.  Our staff is properly trained to restrain pets carefully and it is in your pet’s best interest to let us restrain for you.

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