Ophthalmology - Prescriptions

Prescriptions may be refilled by speaking with one of our staff members during normal business hours or simply leaving a message on our department voice mail at (303) 874-2070.

Prescription refills are available for 24-hour pick up. Please call during regular business hours to have your pet’s prescription filled and ready for you. Prescriptions are filled Monday-Friday with a same day turnaround. Note prescription requests called in over the weekend will be available for pickup on the next business day.

We will mail your pet’s medications to you at your request. Medications are sent out using standard United States Postal Service mail. Priority Mail is available upon request.

Drs. Chavkin, Nuhsbaum and Graham examine all patients on an annual basis (or more frequently) to refill prescriptions. If your pet is examined by your family veterinarian, they may be able to refill prescriptions for you.  It is our firm belief that a current doctor-patient-client relationship is important for the best care of our patients.  Please understand that patient welfare is our concern if we require an examination prior to refilling a prescription for your pet.

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