Ophthalmology - About the Practice

We Are Unique                                                       

Animal Eye Specialists is a group practice that is currently comprised of three board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists, seven certified veterinary technicians and support staff working collaboratively with 8 other specialty practices within the VRCC.  Since our founding in 1994 in Denver we have been guided by the simple principle that:

We treat our patients, clients, referring veterinarians and each other as we would want to be treated.

With our patients in mind, our doctors maintain the highest standards of clinical competency by attending professional meetings and pursuing advanced training in the latest diagnostic, medical and surgical techniques.  Our practice location within the VRCC facilitates collaborations with specialists of other disciplines for complex ophthalmic conditions.  Collaboration with on-site veterinary anesthesiologists enhances the safety of our anesthetized patients.

We believe that veterinary ophthalmology is more than science and technology. 

With our clients in mind, our doctors utilize advanced communication skills acquired in formal training programs.  We understand our clients’ anxiety when a beloved family member has an eye problem.   Our clients frequently express the wish that their own physician would listen as empathically as their dog’s eye doctor.  We are available to our clients by 24-hour pager, extended office hours and satellite locations in Boulder and Basalt.

With our referring veterinarians in mind, we are available for telephone consults and offer frequent continuing education seminars where we share the latest developments in veterinary ophthalmology.

With our staff in mind, we recognize that the best care for others can be provided only after we care for ourselves.  Each member of our team is inspired to help animals and their people.  We celebrate our mutual goal of making a positive difference in the lives of every patient that we see.

Our commitment to these principles has been validated by the Colorado community.  Over the past 18 years, we have examined over 29,000 patients.   We have grown to the largest veterinary ophthalmology practice in Colorado.  More than 2,000 new clients chose Animal Eye Specialists for care last year.

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