The ophthalmology department at VRCC uses the most advanced methods to diagnose and treat eye conditions in companion animals.

Improved ocular health results in improved quality of life for pets and their human families. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients while assuring the very best of care for their pets.

The ophthalmology team is comprised of compassionate doctors (board-certified ophthalmologists) and certified veterinary technicians. Our board-certified ophthalmologists have advanced training and years of experience with ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment. While early ocular disease and minor conditions can be managed appropriately in the care of your pet’s primary care veterinarian, more serious conditions like blindness, glaucoma or ocular tumors may need the expertise of a veterinary ophthalmologist. Vision can be restored in some blind patients with cataract surgery by phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implant. Glaucoma and intraocular tumors can be treated with LASER surgery.

Advanced diagnostic testing is available on-site, including magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography, electroretinography, and digital radiography. Innovative and cutting edge treatment options are offered for animals with conventional and complex eye disease.

Please explore the information on this web site and feel free to contact us with any questions about the material or about your pet’s ocular health.

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