Dermatology / Allergy - About the Practice

VRCC Dermatology Goals

Veterinary Skin & Allergy Specialists is the Dermatology Department at VRCC. The Dermatology Department, which includes Dr. Linda Messinger, an experienced and compassionate veterinarian who is a board-certified specialist in veterinary dermatology and allergy, Dr. Christina Gentry, a resident in veterinary dermatology and allergy,  Dr. Michael Rossi, a resident trained in veterinary dermatology and a highly skilled veterinary technical staff as well as a friendly, knowledgeable client care coordinator, is dedicated to working closely with the client and family veterinarian to provide a variety of services involving all diseases of the skin, coat, ears and nails. With our caring staff, renowned doctors and by using various specialized tests and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

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