Dermatology / Allergy

The Goal of Veterinary Dermatology and Allergy

Dr. Linda Messinger, Dr. Christina Gentry and Dr. Michael Rossi offer consultation services involving all diseases of the skin, coat, ears, and nails including those due to allergic, infectious, hormonal, immune-mediated (auto-immune), congenital, keratinization, neoplastic, idiopathic, unknown or other causes. All animal species are welcome, including small animals (dogs and cats), large animals, exotic animals, pocket pets, avian and reptilian species, and zoological and wildlife species, excluding poisonous snakes.

Dr. Messinger, Dr. Gentry ¬†and Dr. Rossi specialize in the diagnosis and treatment or management of all skin, coat, ear and nail diseases in animals. The dermatology department, which includes a highly skilled veterinary technical staff, is dedicated to working closely with the client and family veterinarian to provide a variety of services. These include consultation, extensive client education, and progressive, advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options for the patient, such as intradermal allergy testing, allergen-specific immunotherapy, video otoscopy, skin scrapings, cutaneous, mucocutaneous, oral, nail and otic (ear) cytologies, biopsies and cultures. Digital photography is used in many cases for record keeping purposes and to evaluate the patient’s progress. We use the most advanced methods to diagnose and treat skin, hair, ear and nail conditions in animals. Improved skin, coat, ear and nail health results in improved quality of life for pets and their families.

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