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1 05, 2015

A Chronic Oral Anticonvulsant with a Promise for “Pulse Oral Therapy” in the treatment of Cluster Seizures

Levetiracetam (Keppra). The “Cluster Buster” The management of chronic recurrent seizures in companion animals can often present a medical challenge to veterinarians and an economic and emotional obstacle for loving owners. With the availability of new anticonvulsants, greater latitude exists for anticonvulsant choice and success in the chronic management of companion animal seizures. With that [...]

30 03, 2015

Blood Transfusions

Many pet owners are surprised to hear that like people both dogs and cats can have blood transfusions. Here at VRCC transfusions of several types are done regularly. Dogs and cats are most commnly given transfusions of packed red blood cells (PRBCs). PRBCs are used to restore the oxygen carrying capacity to the blood of [...]

30 03, 2015

Most Common Allergic Skin Diseases

Atopy Atopy is the term used to describe allergic skin and ear disease to normally harmless substances in the environment. These substances are called allergens and include pollens (trees, weeds and grasses), molds, house dust mites, danders and dusts. Atopy is like “hayfever of the skin”. Patients with atopy are typically itchy (scratching, biting, chewing, [...]

30 03, 2015

AV Block (Heart Block)

Heart block in general is the delayed or absent conduction through the atrioventicular node (the communication point  between the upper and lower chambers of the heart).  The most likely underlying causes include alterations in the nervous  influence in this area or fibrous replacement tissue in this location although electrolyte abnormalities, some medications,  and inflammatory processes [...]

30 03, 2015

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – Milo’s Story

Milo is a seven-year-old feline with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Milo presented to our practice after already having been through quite the ordeal. What a tough little guy! Milo presented for limping, and had several x-rays taken at his primary veterinarian. At that time, the veterinarians treating Milo felt it might best serve him to have a [...]

1 03, 2015

A Brief Report: Onchocerca lupi, a zoonotic parasite

I will never forget the first time that I incised an episcleral nodule in a dog and found coiled white nematodes.  It was 2011 and Onchocerca lupi was not even on my list of differentials for the dog referred to me for oral antibiotic-unresponsive orbital swelling with episcleral nodules.  I have been a veterinary ophthalmologist [...]

20 02, 2015

Case Study: Key-Gaskell Syndrome

An 11 month old male domestic long hair feline presented for a 1 week history of acute onset of elevated third eyelids, decreased appetite and liquid diarrhea. Two days prior to presentation, he developed vomiting and exaggerated swallowing. He was anorexic for 24 hours prior to presentation.  Referral lab work was unremarkable and a total [...]

18 09, 2014

Battle of the Vet Hospital Stars 2014 – Raised Almost $18,000 for PetAid Colorado’s Disaster Services program!

Click here to see more photos from Battle 2014 The third annual Battle of the Vet Hospital Stars event has come and gone, and was bigger and better than ever before.  A grand total of $17,938 was raised for PetAid Colorado Disaster Service’s program through team entry fees, and a team fundraising challenge.  This year, [...]

30 08, 2014

Shearing Injuries in Dogs, Healing with a Skin Graft

Buddy is a yellow Labrador that was hit by a mail delivery truck and sustained severe shearing injuries to both pelvic limbs.  His soft tissue deficit was protected after light wound debridement with application of sterile AMD gauze applications until a confluent bed of healthy granulation tissue was present. At that time, a full thickness [...]

15 05, 2014

Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

It's just past Mother's Day which means it's the perfect time of year to plant your garden.  However, some hidden dangers exist in the garden that can be harmful to your dog.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when gardening this year. Lawn edging can cut the pads of paws and cause [...]